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International 2 Sides Short Film Festival focuses on the experiences of all identities, their ways of living, their races, ethnicities, beliefs and gender. It presents unique short film productions from different cultures in the categories of documentary, fiction, animation and experimental. The festival, which creates space for contemporary independent productions that do not doubt to push the limits in terms of diversity, directorial debuts, films directed by women and new generation experimental works in its selections, develops new ways of collective viewing and organizes alternative film screenings and events at social areas. By collaborating with a film/art initiative from a different part of the world every year, 2YKFF creates opportunities for collective thinking, research and creation in the field of short film. 

2019, Balkan Can Kino — Athens, Greece
2020, Bi'Bak — Berlin, Germany
2021, Galerie de Jaloezie — Rotterdam, Netherlands
2023, Dziga Creative Film Platform — Nijmegen, Netherlands


International 2 Sides Short Film Festival continues to work towards becoming an “accessible festival”. The festival will offer audio descriptions for the short films in its online program and host events that focuses on accessibility in cinema. 


2YKFF’s solution partner in the field of accessibility, the social initiative Accessible Everything, offers consultancy and training to everyone who wants to take a step towards a more accessible life, starting with cultural institutions, venues, events and festivals.

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