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After collaborating with Balkan Can Kino from Athens and bi’bakino from Berlin in the previous years, International 2 Sides Short Film Festival is partnering Galerie de Jaloezie from Rotterdam in its 3rd edition. 


Galerie de Jaloezie is a platform for audio-visual arts in Rotterdam, founded by Gijs van der Meer and Anne Vera Veen. The platform organizes extraordinary film screenings in extraordinary settings, a yearly 48-hour film challenge and lately a pop-up gallery for video art, where it explores the boundaries between art and film. It offers a stage to young creators of audio visual arts, but also for more established makers: anyone who dares to lose herself in the work.


Due to its founders’ background in visual anthropology, the platform focuses on moving image that is the result of a (field)research or conceptual exploration. It suggests that the intersections of social research and the aesthetic and artistic exploration of moving image is capable of transferring other knowledges, unable to be expressed by words. The indexes that audio-visual media can touch upon offer people an understanding of the world that is different from a strictly theoretical or text-based understanding. In that sense, an academic and artistic approach is included in the platform’s programmation - neither which one has the priority over the other. Galerie de Jaloezie takes the form follows content-principle even further and looks for works that transcend research insights through an experimental audio-visual form.


This selection of experimental short films, explores in various cinematic forms how film conveys or communicates complex conceptual ideas. A Demonstration, for instance, questions the traditional dichotomy between nature and culture and juxtaposes these visually. Er is een geest van mij / Hay un fantasmo mío mourns both personal and political futures that never arrived. In The Making of a Ruin the filmmaker searches for her Indonesian heritage investigating the rituals surrounding death. Informed by Visual Anthropology, all films have in common that they defy standard cinematic categories and explore the potentials of the medium film to translate personal and cultural research insights.

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