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21'20" / Fiction / Iran

The old woman lives alone in an apartment house and her only hobby is satellite and its serials. One night, the officers collect the satellite dishes of the building where the old woman lives. She is trying to save her satellite dish from the agents…

What Remains_still_2.jpg

Geriye Kalan

What Remains

5' / Experimental / Lebanon

In the few minutes of "What remains", a silent short film by Christian Harb, we can hear the deafening sound of the detonation. The scenes filmed on the spot, as they presented themselves to Christian in the streets of Beirut, tell of a violated intimacy. Lost photo albums and memories tell the story of those who left too soon leaving behind inconsolable relatives and friends.


Lütfen Dokunmayın

Please Don't Touch

9'15" / Animation / France

Museum rules are simple: don’t run, don’t touch, don’t shout and never disobey.

Lone Star State_still3.png

Yalnız Yıldız Şehri

Lone Star State

1O'47" / Experimental / USA

Lone Star State is an experimental short film combining animation, text, and live action footage to tell the story of a young couple's struggle with fertility.

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