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International 2 Sides Short Film Festival (2YKFF) collaborates with a film initiative from a different part of the world every year to develop intercultural dialogue and intersect two sides. 

In addition to presenting unique short film productions from different cultures in the categories of fiction, documentary, experimental and animation, the festival organizes capacity and network building events in the field of short film. 

2YKFF strengthens the collective viewing and sharing culture by transforming social areas into screening and event venues. It advocates for the right of all individuals to participate, access and contribute to this togetherness and culture.

2019, Balkan Can Kino — Athens, Greece
2020, Bi'Bak — Berlin, Germany
2021, Galerie de Jaloezie — Rotterdam, Netherlands
2023, Dziga Creative Film Platform — Nijmegen, Netherlands


2YKFF takes new steps in the field of accessibility every year. In past years, the festival has provided audio description options for many films in its selections, and featured events focused on accessibility in cinema in its program. For the year of 2024, the festival team continues its efforts to implement the "Accessible 2YKFF" program, which includes accessible film screenings and events. 

The festival collaborates with Boğaziçi University Assistive Technology and Education Laboratory for Individuals with Visual Disabilities, and Accessible Everything in its accessibility efforts. It is also a part of the Access to Culture Platform.


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