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A Dialogue with Cyber Space

Sanal Gerçeklik ile Sohbet

9’23” / Documentary / The Netherlands

Is the world just a place where our bodies live? What is it like to have a body and how is it related to what we feel? While we are trying to navigate our way into a new virtual existence, a digital entity starts to admire our capacity to perceive.


Kiss The Sky - Eye Trick The I

Göğe Öpücük Kondur - Göz Yanılsaması

14' / Documentary / The Netherlands

A feast for the eye, this essay on trompe-l’oeil, deception, privileges, seductions and false freedoms. The façade of public life hides the private lives of individuals and hidden agendas. We develop new skills to test our happiness in the non-stop flow of images and information. How to live in the post-privacy age?


Swans Reflecting Elephants

Filleri Yansıtan Kuğular

27' / Documentary / The Netherlands

What if you look at yourself in the mirror and you always see someone who looks so monstrously ugly, it almost seems inhuman. Director Niek Silvan was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, the most severe form of a negative body image. Looking for answers to learn to live with himself, Niek goes in search of a young man whom he saw only once on television 17 years ago. This man, Jesse, openly talked about his Body Dysmorphic Disorder on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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