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Doğa: Tüm Hakları Saklıdır

Nature: All Rights Reserved

21'54" / Documentary / The Netherlands

Nature: All Rights Reserved investigates the role of simulated nature in modern society. The film shows how artificial nature meets the needs of today's city dwellers and where it still falls short compared to real nature. A romantic forest wallpaper, an indoor tropical island and phenomena such as artificial grass and stuffed animals take the viewer into the world of this new kind of nature. Towards the end the film looks at the uncertain future, in which the arrival of new technologies such as Virtual Reality will blur the lines between reality and illusion. Could artificial nature replace real nature?

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Suffocating with Manners

Boğulmanın Adabı

11'50" / Fiction / Türkiye

One morning, seven apartment residents crowd into an elevator due to different reasons. While they were complaining about the building manager Miss Bahtiyar, the elevator suddenly breaks down. This incident increases the tension.

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