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Tam, Yarım

One, Half

9'59" / Fiction / Iran

There is a man and a woman in a car. They inadvertently become tense due to the hijab of the woman's hair. In fact, if the woman's hair is seen, they will be caught by police cameras in the streets. The man constantly tells the woman to bring her scarf forward and keep the hijab so that his car is not confiscated by the police, And this is the beginning of the story…




14’ / Fiction / Germany

STEVE is based on a true story. A young comedian struggles with self-confidence amidst a relationship in her life that would inspire her on her transition as a woman.




8’29" / Documentary / Australia

Sentience starkly contrasts the stunning beauty of Guanxi Provence's ancient mountains and the abrasive imposition of modernity playing out on Yangshou's famous fourteen hundred-year-old West Street.

Paper Carpenter_still_2.jpg

Tam, Yarım

One, Half

13'22" / Documentary / Portugal

Paper Carpenter is a film that covers the stories of an 81-year-old man living in an Elderly Home located in a small Portuguese village in Alentejo. Joaquim Fernando Micael shares his memories through his personal narrative, while evoking songs from the past and cutting out boxes of medicines to create the most diverse characters. Giving life to his clippings, the themes fluctuate between the time he worked as carpenter’s assistant in a theater in Estremoz, the years he spent as a worker at a gas station, and his admiration, as a child, for Bull Fighting.

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