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If I Can’t Hide I Better Flourish

Saklanamıyorsam Parlarım

14’31” / Documentary / The Netherlands

“If I Can’t Hide, I better Flourish” questions the idea of autonomy in relation to public space. Nelleke Broeze explores this from her personal perspective as a woman. Curious as to whether she is the only one who feels like adapting while entering public space, the filmmaker explores this with the help of other women. She is taken out of her comfort zone by the other women in various scenes, with one goal: How can women collectively defeat this system and redefine space?

Shpija Still 01.png



6'44" / Animation / Kosovo

Home and comfort can often be found in things that shame, trap and damage us. Leaving that home can be difficult but having it as a poltergeist that follows. You around proves to be even harder. 


Ortak Dil

Common Language

13'29" / Documantery / Estonia

The director, who has always been seen as the black sheep in her family, sets out to the Belarusian town of Vitebsk to talk with her parents about previous grievances and topics that were considered taboo. The effort to find a common language, which runs into stormy emotions and the inability to voice honest opinions, is captured through both personal moments and detailed shots of the protagonists’ faces.

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Text Me When You Get Home XX

Eve Varınca Bana Yaz XX

10’37” / Fiction / Germany

At night a woman enters a stranger’s car, casually and voluntarily. But soon she begins to sense the dangerous situation she might be in.

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